Professional Gamers


Professional Gamers

Back in the days when people heard a word “Gamer”, they all imagined a picture of fat, untidy nerd that has no social life, friends or family and was sitting in his room or basement with their business headsets whole day long. Well, times change. Nowadays, professional gamers are some kind of celebrities and earn big amounts of money. Why? E-sport became an official sport all across the world and is getting more and more fans every day. Even football players or actors support e-sport and sometimes they even make streams where they play games.

Why did E-sport become so popular?


We live in 21st Century and technology is being developed more and more. Old-fashioned sports were not enough for people so attached to technology, so they wanted video games to become an official sport. It was really hard and finally E-sport is official sport. There are a lot of leagues and players that compete in many different games like “League of Legends”, “Counter Strike: Global Offensive”, “Dota 2” and many, many more. Official streams of “Major Tournaments” are casted by professional casters with their business headsets and thousands of people watch it.

Why is it so popular? Well, because people got bored watching old-fashioned sports over and over again. In addition, more and more people starts to play games. Even celebrities play games and encourage their fans to play as well. “Republic of Gamers” is getting bigger and bigger every day.

Is it dangerous?


Of course not. Gamers are no longer people closed in their basements playing games and wearing their gaming or business headsets. They are true sportsmen now. They practice a lot, play many tournaments and earn big amounts of money. They even advertise things in TV and become actors in some series or movies. There’s a big number of people that hate e-sport, because they don’t accept e-sport as a real sport. They are mostly elder people that were sportsmen back in the days. Of course not all of them, but many. Why? They are afraid that young people won’t be active any longer and our community will become fat and lazy. It isn’t true at all. These days everything and everyone has to be “fit” and most of us workout and do sports.

As we see, times change and we should change with it. Maybe not in every way, but we should find good aspects of changes and adapt to them. Gamers are good example of these changes. They do what they love and earn money. It’s very important in our life to be happy. Don’t forget it and everything should be alright.