Quality is everything!


Quality is everything!


What is the most important thing when you buy brand new headset? Innovative design? Comfort? Technical data? Well… all of these things matter, but technical data is a key. You should always choose high-quality, well-made, noise cancelling headset. It’s price is always a bit higher than cheaper models, but higher price equals better quality. Ok, maybe not always.


When doesn’t higher price equal better quality?


Mostly when we look for accessories of big brands like Razer or Steelseries. Of course their products are awesome and well-made too, but you can find good gear (like a good noise cancelling headset https://www.axtelheadsets.com/en/headsets with a microphone) in the same or lower price from the less-known brands. What is the reason of this situation? Well, it is all about a logo. Have you ever noticed that t-shirts of Tommy Hilfiger are always more expensive than normal t-shirts from a chain-shop? Big companies always say that it’s because of “better quality”. Do not believe it. Sometimes it’s really that reason but mostly it’s all about logo. There were thousands of comparisons of products made by big brands and less-known companies. Most of them confirmed that it’s all about logo.


But sometimes it is not


We cannot treat all big brands in the same way. Not all of them want only our money. Some of them make high quality products and that is the main reason of their high price. That’s why we always have to check technical data of a product which we want to buy and check if it’s a good price. Ok, but which feature is the most important one?


Well, it depends on you


First question: What do you want to buy? In every product you need to check different things in technical data. When you buy new TV it doesn’t really matter how much does it weight, does it? But let’s say that you want to buy new flexible, well-made, noise cancelling headset. Second question: What do you need it for? If you need them just to video-chat with your friends and family you don’t really need the best headset ever made. If you are customer service worker don’t bother. Your boss will buy them. If you are a gamer or e-sport professional you need real good headset. In this case the most important features will be noise cancelling, sound quality, frequency response, speaker sensitivity, etc. You don’t really need to bother, because if you are a professional you will get the best possible gear from your sponsor or your team. They need to care about you, so you are lucky.

Anyway, always read the technical data! Always!